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Helping build our community since 1980.

We are proud to provide exceptional general contractor work in Saskatchewan.




Arcee Construction provides many services as a general contractor. Including drywall and framing, flooring, siding, demolition and project management. To view a list of services provided by Arcee Construction


The history of Arcee Construction is intertwined with Corey’s personal history. Arcee has been in the business of general contract work for 34 years. To learn more about Arcee Construction and Corey 


Arcee has done work for both residential and commercial clients including the Government of Saskatchewan, Innovation Place, CN Rail and the University of Regina. To view some of Arcee's previous work



About Corey

Corey Campbell was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1968. Corey was the oldest of 4 brothers. From a young age Corey was introduced to the world of construction through his father's many projects. Tearing apart, cleaning up and building were part of many summer breaks when he was old enough to do so. In 2007, Corey was given full control of Arcee Construction Limited. For more about Corey and Arcee Construction