In the Community 


Sponsorship & Community Involvement

Corey sponsors his son, Wyatt and a family friend, Mike Schroeder in their respective divisions at the Auto Clearing Motor Speedway. Corey’s son, Wyatt will be racing for his rookie year this season and Mike has been racing with the help of Corey’s sponsorship for the past 5 years.

Corey once had a passion for racing himself, spending many years on a dirt track in the Rosetown area and he sees that passion in his son. Corey knows the investment that it takes to support this passion and he encourages it in both Wyatt & Mike. Seeing the the Arcee name on a front runner car means a lot to Corey and he’s proud to be involved in a sport he loves.

Corey recognizes the importance of community involvement and as a long time business owner in the area, he gives both time and dollar investments to a variety of charities including KidSport.