About Arcee


Corey's History

Corey Campbell was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1968. His father, Bob, was a journeyman carpenter and his mother, Sally, a housewife. Corey was the oldest of 4 brothers. From a young age Corey was introduced to the world of construction through his father's many projects. Tearing apart, cleaning up and building were part of many summer breaks when he was old enough to do so. Hunting and fishing were also a big part of growing up in the Campbell household.

The Beginning of Arcee 

In 1980 the family moved to an acreage near Saskatoon due to a work shortage in Winnipeg. Bob Campbell partnered with a family friend and opened Omega Construction. They did everything from complete warehouse builds to commercial interiors. After a short stint, the partners went their own ways and Bob turned the company into Arcee Construction.

A Family Business 

Arcee focused on commercial interiors working as a general contractor. With a small crew of employees they did everything from demolition to finished rebuilds. Corey and his brothers were all part of the business and learned every aspect. Bob had the philosophy that if you could do a bit of everyone's job then you were more useful than a person that could do just one thing. The boys grew up doing everything from plumbing to painting. Over the years the brothers went their own directions and Corey stayed on, with the exception of a few years when he worked in the Rosetown area cleaning seed for a change of pace.

Family Life

Corey started a family of his own in 1992 when he married his wife, LeeAnne. Corey and LeeAnne had their first son, Gavin in 1993 and their youngest son, Wyatt in 1994. Corey has taught the boys much of the same values that he and his brothers learned from their Dad and the founder of Arcee, Bob. Both of Corey's boys have gone on to pursue careers in the skilled trades.

In 2006 life changed drastically when Sally, Corey’s mother, was diagnosed with cancer. Bob left the company to care for her during her illness. Sally passed away in early 2007 after a courageous fight with the disease and Bob decided not to re-enter the workforce. In 2007, Corey was given full control of Arcee Construction Limited.

Corey has the same drive and determination that his father had worked into all of his boys and a desire to keep up the Arcee Construction name as one that strives for quality. Many of Arcee’s clients and subcontractors are repeat clients with whom Corey has built long lasting relationships and friendships.

The Future of Arcee

Arcee Construction Ltd, under Corey's leadership, continues to provide quality work and service while maintaining the core values of community and family that Bob instilled from the beginning.